3 Ways to Style 1 Very Long Maxi Skirt

Finding ways to style just one article of clothing in multiple outfits is the best! It means that there’s one less thing you have to worry about. Today, I’m going to show you guys the three ways I like to style my maxi skirts. Let’s jump right in!


Since Fall is closer than ya think, the first style has got to involve a sweater! Fall is the perfect time of year to start breaking out your long sleeves and thin sweaters. Here I have an oversized nude brown sweater, a vintage flower print snap closure purse, gold flats, pink and gold studs, and a funky pair of glasses. Now let’s start stylin’!

The sweater tucked into the maxi skirts leaves enough room to pull the sweater out a little without looking too baggy. What’s really nice is that the maxi skirt waistline is elastic so it really cinches onto my waist. The tucked in sweater also adds some dimension to an otherwise straight down skirt. the accessories are comfortable and streamlined, making this a great casual outfit for everyday wear. I love the subtle pop of pink from the box stud earrings as well as the neutral colors on the purse. It all ties together and there is no regret from pairing two prints.


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