Wizarding World Collection August 2018

Hey guys! As you guys already know, I love Harry Potter.  I just got into the habit of collecting a lot of different Harry Potter things. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos where people display their collections, and now I want to as well! So let’s get right into it! I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I AM UP TO NO GOOD!


Starting with my Funko Pop Collection. I currently have 9, but it’s my goal to collect all of the Harry Potter pops and then collect all of the Fantastic Beasts pops as well. I know, I know, that A LOT of pops. I love collecting things, so what can I say?


The very first pop I ever received was from last Christmas. It was given to me by my boyfriend’s sister and I immediately fell in love! It is number 42 of the Harry Potter Pops, and obviously, it’s Harry Potter holding the Marauder’s Map.

The next pop number 45 and it is of Professor Lupin. He still has the scars on his face and he’s got his hand in his pocket. His is actually really neat! I love the details on these little things.

Pop number 62 is Nearly Headless Nick. He’s a transparent pop, which was a big factor in me getting it. It comes in the newer boxes that are white and gold. I love that his head is tilting to the side.

Bellatrix Lestrange is pop number 35. She is certainly a character. She’s way off her rocker, but in pop form, she’s not so tough. She has red rimming her eyes which I thought was really cool. It makes it seem like she gets no sleep at all.

Next, we have another Harry Potter. Pop number 08 is of Harry in his Quidditch uniform, holding his Nimbus 2000 and the golden snitch. I love the little details in this one a lot! One look at it can bring the love of Harry Potter back into my heart.

Then we have the Hermione Granger! She is pop number 43 and this is her from The Prisoner of Azkaban. She has the time turner around her neck and her hand is wrapped up in bandages. she has dirt smudges all over her and a scratch right under her eye. I love all of the attention to detail in this one. It was definitely exciting for me to get.

Next up is Loony Luna Lovegood. Her pop is number 14 and super adorable. She’s in her Ravenclaw uniform and has her little strawberry earrings and spider ring on. She also has her butterbeer cork necklace on that’s supposed to ward of nargles.

Here come’s evil herself, Dolores Umbridge, pop number 39. Her pop makes her look worn out and tired because of the bags under her eyes, but her stance holds all of the authority. She has on her little cat brooch and she’s holding her wand like she’s about to create more rules to make the Hogwarts students miserable.

Last, but not least, for the pops, is Ron Weasley holding a mandrake root in his Herbology uniform. He is pop number 56. He was gifted to me by my boyfriend. I love his earmuffs and the angry expression on the mandrake root’s face.


Moving away from the pops, we have my Harry Potter book set! I’ve read these a bunch of times, but not as much as I have the first one. These are the books that started it all for me, and I am forever in love with them.


Next are my films. I have a mismatched set of films. I slowly collected them here and there as I found them. I had wanted the 8 disk DVD set, but I realized that I enjoyed the individual covers a lot more.

I also have Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Blu Ray. I love this movie just as much, especially since it is a part of the Wizarding World.


Lastly are two more books that don’t fit into any collection. I have the illustrated Sorcerer’s Stone and the Scots Edition of Philosopher’s Stane (and no that’s not a typo). My boyfriend gifted my the illustrated book for Christmas last year. The Scots edition was a happy mistake. I didn’t mean to order that one. I meant to get The Philosopher’s Stone but accidentally purchased that one. It’s a fun little addition to my collection.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope to expand my collection one day! I’ll have everything linked below. Let me know what your thought are on Harry Potter down in the comments! MISCHIEF MANAGED! 





Funko Pops

Illustrated Book

Scots Edition

Fantastic Beasts Film

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