Updates galore!

Hey y’all! Just hopping on here to let y’all know what been happening!

I haven’t been around on here very often. I’ve been so tired from work that I usually pass out once I’m home and feel unmotivated to write to you guys. Despite that, I’m super stoked to begin writing again!

So, the main reason I wanted this blog was to write about all things Wizarding World and fashion. Recently, I’ve been feeling down because I often wonder what would be so good about my blog if what I say has been said before. I feel like there is so many wonder ideas out there that others have done and I worried about whether I could build an audience of my own. Either way, I have decided that I should write about what I love, even if is has been said. I have to follow my dreams as they say and Harry Potter means so much to me. It was a bright spot on a rough time in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to have read it. I want to share with you guys my love of it!

Thank you guys for reading this short little update! You guys are amazing!

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