Why Some People won’t Enjoy the Fantastic Beasts Franchise, and Why That’s Okay.

Hey guys. I’ve hopped on here today to discuss an opinion that I may not agree with but deserves to be heard anyway.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie announcement was a source of delight for many Potterheads, but not everyone was too thrilled. That is something that I can understand. As my boyfriend put it, when the new trio of Star Wars films was announced, not many of the old fans were too happy. The original three Star Wars were the best and anything but was just to gain a larger mainstream following. What a lot of people didn’t realize is that the newer generations can have something to grow up to and enjoy, just like the older ones enjoyed the original. I get it. There is a history of Hollywood just hashing out the same ideas, but are any original anymore? I think things grow and change for the sake of the times. Things get more advanced and complicated. Plots get darker and more convoluted, but changes aren’t always a good thing.

In the case of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,  many Potterheads think that there isn’t the same spark anymore. While I agree, I think it’s important to understand the film as a separate branch of the wizarding world, rather than a legitimate prequel. A lot of what I will be talking about in this post can be found here in an article on USA TODAY.

One point made is that we are given characters that serve their function, but give us no reason to care. I do and don’t agree with that. While we do have a lot of new characters introduced to us, I think it’s important to note that they are still being introduced. I think with these films, creating emotional ties to the characters will be harder. We didn’t have the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series like we did with Harry Potter. There are no long sentences about what’s going on in the minds of our characters. Their true feelings and desires. With a franchise that relied heavily on the book readers, it is hard to find what’s important without a book. Sure there are the screenplays, but what do they give us? Not nearly as much as the HP series. While I agree that it is hard to connect and care about the romances and what have you, I do also believe that you have to take this series as it’s own sect. I find that while it’s nice to see characters you love, be in this franchise, I have to separate what I knew from HP from what I see in this franchise.

Another point that was made was that the films seem to be relying on plot twists. I agree. I think the films are at this point where they really want to connect with the original audience. They are trying to surprise the Potterheads with new information that we know has something to do with the HP series, but it can be confusing. I was really confused in the last movie because I didn’t understand the long- lost brother angle. Dumbledore, in the entire HP series, only had to siblings, a brother and sister. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved that revelation, but like I said before, I try to separate the two franchises.  I don’t blame Potterheads for being upset though. It is a bit of a let down when there doesn’t feel like there is a plot line. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the heavy romantic undertones. HP was more subtle and I enjoyed that the main plot was to defeat Voldemort.

I think a lot of Potterheads feel ripped-off of their childhood love. We grew up with HP and got to experience what he did as he got older. The Fantastic Beasts we don’t get the same thing. We don’t get to feel the same way and many don’t think it’s fair. Some say it’s a cheap cash grab for J.K. and that she’s ruining the franchise. While I don’t think that’s true, I understand.

Let’s face it though, the majority of us wanted more out of HP and we got it with FB. While it may not be exactly what we had in mind, I still enjoyed every bit of it. I am sorry for everyone who didn’t because I know how much it means to everyone. Like I said, not everyone has to enjoy everything HP related out there. Every Potterhead is more than entitled to their own opinion. I found common ground with many of the complaints and I understood why there were these complaints.

All in all, I enjoy the FBaWtFT films. Let me know what you guys think and if there are any complaints I let out that you guys would like to know my take on. As always, Love ya!

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