Created in 1997 and super nuts ever since! In school, I was the bookworm. My bookbag was filled with books I checked out from the library, sagging almost to the ground on my tiny 9-year-old frame. I didn’t mind it one bit though. The love of fantasy and adventure seemed to be hereditary. My mom and I both shared a passion for transporting to different realities. In a way, I still live in my own world, created in my head to transport me from all the things that scare me.

Weeks ago, I rediscovered my love for the Harry Potter franchise. I’ve always loved it, but recently I’ve been obsessed. Every movie and every book does something special to capture my reality. While the goings-on may not be real, they still leave a mark on my heart.
Anyway, sorry for the lengthy “About Me” guys, but I had to let y’all know what you were signing up for. I also do crafting on the side, which I sell in my Etsy shop.




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A Deep Dive Into Harry Potter

Reflections on the Harry Potter books and their adaptations